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Clean and renewable energy is a simple way to earn income while aligning with green initiatives. With growing concerns about resource sustainability, renewable energy systems are becoming increasingly profitable for commercial and industrial facilities. Power brokerage allows independent companies to sell energy to the grid. This includes electricity generated from solar panels, gas generation, wind, and even hydropower.

The grid is a network of generators, cables, and other transmission equipment that brings electricity to the places where it is used. Traditionally, electricity is generated in a power plant using coal, oil, or gas. These are all finite resources that cannot be created. However, renewable energy offers an alternative to this process. When solar energy meets power brokerage, the result is an environmentally conscious way to generate extra income.


Solar energy is the most common resource sold through power brokerage because it is abundant and efficient. In other words, your facility’s solar production system produces more electricity than one entity could ever use. This abundance in renewable solar generation can provide a substantial source of income.

The U.S. Public Utility Regulatory Policy Act (PURPA) federally mandates that electric utilities on traditional power grids must purchase the excess electricity that renewable energy systems generate. This is a way of encouraging renewable energy production without requiring utility services to invest in their renewable systems.

Solar Renewable Generation

Power brokerage can provide customers with an opportunity to generate revenue from their unused power. Ultimately, this process offsets the initial cost of solar panel installation. Utilities pay for renewable energy that is redirected into the grid.

Renewable energy certificates, or RECs, are certificates issued by the government establishing ownership of renewable energy. One REC is issued for every 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity directed back into the grid. RECs serve as proof that your facility has fulfilled its obligation in the power brokerage system.

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