AI-driven Renewable Energy

Energetic Solutions implements strategies to offset your electrical usage by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms into our sustainable energy systems. With AI integration control, we can revolutionize the production and consumption of renewable energy. By combining industry-proven energy generation systems with artificial intelligence and “big data,” we have achieved modern electrical grid optimization and the required electrical generation and consumption equilibrium that must be present at all times.

  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Diversity energy mix
  • Reduce dependence on fossil fuels
  • Allow for better control of energy-related budgets

The electrical grid is a complex machine that is rapidly evolving. Not only is the grid changing physically with large amounts of renewable energy, but in its use of AI integration control. It is becoming increasingly interconnected as data collection capabilities expand.

At Energetic Solutions, our goal is to utilize data to find how your facility can best sustainably use renewable energy assets in a sustainable manner. That way, your facility can gain its energy independence and take better control of energy-related spending. Our experience, knowledge, and understanding of the energy industry help us craft customer-centered, cost-effective solutions to meet your needs and facility demands.


Big data is essentially a mix of your unstructured and multi-structured energy data. Our system controls utilize optimized algorithms and custom-designed solutions to process data. AI integration controls focus on a variables like weather and load predictions all along, learning from your specific consumption patterns and merging those with countless other consumption patterns from similar facilities . This makes the integration of renewable energy better understood. Ultimately, this AI integration allows for a full analysis of your long-term energy consumption and provides you with certainty against unforeseen energy cost increases. /span>

By analyzing energy usage data with our proprietary algorithm and models, we can find the optimal balance of savings vs. capital equipment deployment and the most rapid return on investment available. Analyses are adjusted for client requirements, practical on-site space or configuration limitations, and are based on our team’s site assessment.

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